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Or the owl will eat you.

DT and Nefyr's Multi-Fandom Reviews
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dt_maxwell Started this in her own journal, and nefyr liked the idea. Thus a joint project began.

What do you do here?

We review fan fiction, mainly from the Pit of Voles.

How do you review fics?

Here's the format we'll use:

The Fic: (a link to the fic)
The Author: (a link to the author's profile)
Rating: (the FFN rating, and if we disagree with it, our rating)
Fandom: (fandom the fic is written for, or fandoms if it's a crossover and we're feeling praticularly bold)
In a Nut Shell: (a summary of the fic)
Stand-out Pairings: (pairings that are prevalent throughout the fic)
Grammar/Spelling: (we're both grammar nazis, so no shirking in this category)
Originality and Creativity: (no clichès, please)
Plot and Characterization: (if it has a considerable length, plot is required, and good characterizations are needed in even pure PWP)
Status: (finished/WIP at X chapters, and the word count)
Nota Bene: (warnings, things to keep in mind, the like)
Spoonage: (how many spoons/how big of a spoon you need to dig out the memory of reading the fic, and why; can be from none to serving spoon to Steam Shovel; really any negative aspects)

Do you both work together on the same reviews?

No, all the reviews are done completely by the poster, either dt_maxwell or nefyr.

May I guest review a fic?

Talk to us. Send Nefyr an email at nefyr17[at]gmail[dot]com, and we'll see what happens from there.

What fandoms will the fics be from that you'lll review?

We're aiming for variety, so hopefully between us we can get a diverse collection of fanfic in terms of fandom, pairings, genre, style, etc. We don't want this to turn into a bunc of reviews focusing exclusively on one or two fandoms.

Do you review only good fanfic?

The point of this is to show fellow LJers that the Pit does contain those rare needles in the haystack. But just for kicks, we might throw in some praticularly vile hay.

liek omg will u review my fic pweeze?

dt_maxwell will tear your waste of bandwith to shreds if you ask this. And she won't let you go crying home to mommy. Any questions? ...I didn't think so. (DT: *sands down her spoons*)


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